Mushroom Growing Course in Scotland

Only a month to go before our mushroom course in Mid-Lothian, Scotland, hosted by forager and herbalist Monica Wilde. The course will cover all aspects of mushroom growing, taming wild mushrooms, making mushroom logs, composting and much more. There are still a few places open. The course dates are 28th and 29th July 2018. You can book for both days for the full course or a single day. Booking at Monica Wilde.

Seasons Greetings 2016

This weekend will be the last Mushroom Tables   at Farmers Markets for 2016 as we take our Christmas and New Year break. We will be at Growing Communities Stoke Newington Farmers Market on Saturday 17th December and London Farmers Marylebone Farmers Market on Sunday 18th December.

We would like to wish all our customers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you all again in 2017 when we return to markets on 14th January 2017

Picking first Reishi of 2016

Started picking the first of this years crop of reishi today. Always a very beautiful mushroom. The latin name is Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma means shiny skin and lucidum means bright. As you can see from the picture it lives up to its name.

Reishi commonly known as the mushroom of immortality has been revered for their medicinal properties for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine they are regarded as cure all and have been shown to have beneficial effects on immune dysfunction, sugar regulation, liver ailments, fatigue and more. The Chinese name is Ling Zhi.

We will be harvesting reishi over the next few months, it is a slow growing. The next step is to dry them and then they should be ready for our farmers markets from August onwards.

RHS London Show

Our good friend and sustainable foraging expert Claudio Bincolletto will be at  London show Vincent square tomorrow 2nd April with some of our Oyster Mushroom Kits and Mushroom Dowels if anyone wants to get growing mushrooms this weekend and can’t wait for the post.

Update to Mushroom Log Kit

There was a problem earlier with all varieties of the log kit showing as out of stock in the Mushroom Table Store. I have corrected this. Only Porcelain Fungus and Many-zoned Polypore are currently out of stock. All the others should be available.

Some of the joys of spring

aside from getting our online store running I started the day checking on the birch sap. Starting to flow well now so I will have plenty at Stoke Newington farmers market tomorrow.IMG_4780

Stopped off to look for Dryad’s Saddle as it should be coming into season now. Instead came across this perfect bunch of Velvet Shank. I left it to grow as it is only the size of a tennis ball.IMG_4782

At the farm here is a preview of next weeks mushrooms for the farmers market. These are Beech Mushrooms which will be ready to pick towards the end of next week.IMG_4802