Mushroom Mixed Grill

This Mushroom Mixed Grill is a great way to use those meaty bracket fungi, Beefsteak, Chicken of the Woods, Giant Polypore, Hen in the Woods or Dryad’s Saddles. A completely vegan recipe with big meaty textures to satisfy even the most die hard carnivores.


Chicken of the Woods or Hen in the Woods
Giant Polypore or Dryad’s Saddle


First make some marinades.

For the Beefsteak marinade, mix English mustard, wild horseradish, tamari (or Worcestershire sauce if not vegan) and birch sap syrup.

For the Chicken of the Woods marinade, sweat diced onion in rape seed oil with a little garlic, add chopped tomatoes, mead or cider vinegar and honey. Cook for 10 minutes and season to taste.

The Giant Polypore marinade is malt vinegar, brown sugar, mint and ground ivy.

Cut each mushroom into chunks and incorporate into the appropriate marinade and leave for 24 hours.

Put a chunk of each mushroom onto a bamboo skewer, fry to colour a little and serve with mushroom onion gravy, sauté potatoes, cherry tomatoes and button mushrooms.