Hen of the Woods on the Nest

Hen on the nest -Vegetarian Chicken and Chips
Hen on the nest -Vegetarian Chicken and Chips

Hen of the woods on the Nest (Vegetarian Chicken and Chips)

Hen of the woods ( butter, lemon)
Fat hen
Straw potatoes
Quail egg
Bearnaise sauce ( shallot, pepper corns, mead vinegar, tarragon )
Egg yolks
300gms of butter
Sea salt to taste


Clean the mushroom, drain and poach with butter and a squeeze of lemon. Wash and blanch the fat hen for 30 seconds. Boil the corn for 5 minutes. Poach the quail egg for 20 seconds in water with a little vinegar.

For the Straw Potatoes
Peel and slice the potatoes on a mandolin, leave in cold water for 1 hour, drain and fry for 4 minutes.

For the Bearnaise Sauce
Peel and slice the shallot, place in a pan with the pepper corns, vinegar and tarragon and reduce by half.
Melt the butter on a low heat until it separates.
For 50ml of reduction ( passed ) add 50ml of water in a small thick bottomed pan with 4 egg yolks. Whisk for about 4 minutes on a high heat until you have a sabayon .
Slowly whisk in the clarified butter

Assembling the dish
Place the fat hen on the plate. Make a nest with the straw potatoes on top of the fat hen. Sprinkle with the corn, Put the Hen in the Woods on the nest and top with the poached quails egg. Pour the Béarnaise Sauce around the nest and serve.