Tooth Fungi

Tooth fungi are mushrooms that produces their spores on spine-like teeth rather than gills. We grow two from the genus Hericium that grow on beech trees, Lion’s Mane and Coral Tooth. These mushrooms are thought to be very rare in the UK and Europe and should not be collected from the wild.

Hericium erinaceus
Lion’s Mane, White Cloud

White Cloud box.JPG

A very delicate toothed mushroom forming irregular creamy white clumps. It has the texture of crab or lobster and a sweet nutty flavour. It needs very little cooking and is best added at the end of cooking where it will cook in the residual heat from the dish. It is complimented by sesame and ginger and is well suited to stir fries and rice dishes. It can also be eaten raw as a salad or with proscuitio or cured fish.

Hericium coralloides
Coral Tooth, White Coral

White Coral

Close relative of Lion’s Mane, this has delicate branching structure with rows of small soft spines fringing the branches. It has a firm but brittle texture and a sweet nutty taste. It can be used like Lion’s Mane.