Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are found all over the world. They grow in dense bunches from trees and logs. They have a firm meaty bite and flavours range from nutty to spicey. Oyster mushrooms are very versatile and are good on their own or with meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. We grow a range of them which gives us a crop all year round. Most of ours we have collected from local woods but some are more exotic.

Pleurotus pulmonarius
Essex Cream Oyster

Essex Cream oyster box.JPG
Essex Cream Oyster Mushrooms

This oyster mushroom was collected from a wood near Great Horksley, Essex, in October 2001 and we have been cultivating it since then. It has a delicate nutty flavour and a good meaty texture. With a clean creamy colour it compliments fish, chicken, pork, eggs, potatoes, rice etc.

Brown Bruce Oyster

Brown Bruce box.JPG
Brown Bruce Oyster Mushrooms

This a brown varient of the Essex Cream we first cultivated in 2004. It has more spicy flavour and a good meaty texture.

Pleurotus ostreatus
Colchester Blue Oyster

Colchester Blue Oyster Mushrooms

This is a delicate blue coloured oyster mushroom was found in woods to the north of Colchester. It has a meaty texture and a peppery flavour. A good all rounder, its distinct flavour compliments beef, game, pork, ham and it’s unusual blue colour makes a good contrast with rice or pasta.

Chocolate Oyster

Chocolate Oyster Mushrooms
Chocolate Oyster Mushrooms


This dark coloured oyster mushroom is from a sport of our local Colchester Blue Oyster. It has a dark chocolate brown colour, a meaty texture and a peppery flavour. A good all rounder, its distinct flavour compliments beef, game, pork, ham and it’s rich, dark colour makes a good contrast with rice or pasta.

Pleurotus pulmonarius saja-caju
Sonoma Brown Oyster

Sonoma Brown Oyster Mushrooms

This is the first oyster mushroom we grew. Originally from the Sonoma Valley in California, this is a very tender oyster mushroom with a sweet buttery flavour. A good all rounder, it is excellent with eggs, fish, chicken, ham, potatoes, pasta, rice etc.

Pleurotus salmonicolor
Coral Oyster

Coral oyster box.JPG
Coral Oyster Mushrooms

A spectacular coral pink coloured oyster mushroom with a soft velvety texture. The colour changes to an orangey pink when cooked. It has a delicate fruity taste and brightens up any dish. This is a tropical oyster mushroom probably originally from West Africa.

Pleurotus cornucopioides
Branched Oyster

Branched Oyster Mushrooms

Branched oysters have a branching stem producing many round caps. They grow on fallen trees and were common in Essex woods after the October 1987 gales but less common now. They are cream coloured and a have a mild nutty taste

Yellow Oyster

Yellow Oyster.JPG
Yellow Oyster Mushrooms

Yellow oyster are a varient of the branched oyster from asia. They have a white stem and bright yellow caps. Quite delicate for an oyster mushroom with a mild nutty taste.

Pleurotus eryngii
King Oyster

King Oyster Box
King Oyster Mushrooms

A trumpet shaped relative of oyster mushrooms, it has a creamy white stem and a biscuit coloured cap. It has a firm texture and has a sweet nutty taste. King Oyster is found in Southern Europe.